Server crashed ? No Problem!

  Reset servers through the web.

Your server crashed and doesn′t react on your remote-access-software (e.g.: Telnet). Now the new Telejet Web Resetter can help you. You can use it to carefully re-boot a crashed server-PC with "Ctrl-Alt-Del" or another keyboard sequence via internet from anywhere in the world.

All you need is the small and cheap Telejet Keyboard Simulator, which is connected to the server-PC, and the free Telejet Web Resetter software.

If you don′t have success with these options, you can also activate the reset switch of your PC via remote, to reboot a totally crashed system via hardware reset independant of the current state of the system.

  • Saves traveling costs
  • Saves time
  • Careful reset is possible, because of different reset-methods: "Ctrl-Alt-Del", free keyboard input or direct reset. No mains turn off is necesarry, which could put at risk the integrity of your data
  • No compatibility problems occur, because of hardware solution. The servers only need a PS/2-interface and (optional) access to the reset-connector on the motherboard.
  • Straight and simple wire connection
The free webbased control software can be installed on a webserver or on a selected web-resetter server-PC.

Telejet Keyboard Simulator HUB (HUB) is connected through cable to the serial interface of this server.

Telejet Keyboard Simulators (TKSs) are connected to a keyboard-PS/2-interface and optionally to the reset-connector on the motherboard of each PC, which should be controlled by the Telejet Web Resetter system.

Now the first TKS is connected to the HUB. Then you can sucessively connect each TKS to the preceding one (first TKS is connected to second, second to third, .....). Connection is achieved via a 4-wire cable which is inserted in the free RJ-14-jack of the TKS installed last. So a chain of TKSs is built from PC to PC as shown in the picture.

To each port of the HUB you can connect up to 100 TKSs in a chain. Each HUB has 3 ports and you can connect up to 10 HUBs together. So you can control up to 3000 TKSs from one web-resetter server.

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